Krzysztof Soszyński na Zero Carbie

Krzysztof Soszyński, fighter UFC rozpoczął po raz kolejny dietę niskowęglowodanową. Oto co napisał u siebie na profilu FB:

Here is my take on the no carb diet.
It is very hard to go cold turkey from eating carbs to no carbs. I do not recommend that at all! First you need to taper down the carbs in 8-12 week period. Because I have done this diet several times, I have it dialed in I did it in 6 weeks. I went from eating 300grams of carbs to eating 30-40 this past week. I would recommend doing this in 8-12 weeks for first timers. This way your body get adjusted to the change rather than a holy shit moment!

Everyone who says " I have no energy" is doing the diet wrong! What most don't understand is that instead of carbs as an energy source you are switching it to fats. Fats are now your energy source. So you have to eat plenty of good healthy fats on this diet!

Here is my typical breakfast on the no carb diet: 3 whole eggs, 15 egg whites, 1/2 a large avocado or 1 small one, 1.5 cups of KSOS coleslaw ( veggies are not carbs in my view) 4 TBSP of almond butter.

Now for some this is a ton of food but I put in 3-4 hours of hard training, plus I am on my feet all day. My first client is at 7 am and my last one is at 9 pm. I do pads, strength and conditioning sessions all day. I have 9 clients tomorrow and that is a saturday. 

For those of you who are thinking about tapering your carbs down to prepare your body for the 0 carb diet here is what i suggest.
Ex: lets say I am at 300 grams of carbs and my first week of tapering down I am dropping 10% (30 grams) please replace those 30 grams with good healthy fats and good quality protein. remember 1 gram of carbs/protein has 4 calories, 1 gran of fat has 9 calories. so i would drop 30 grams of carbs but replace with 8-10 grams of protein 4-8 grams of healthy fats, I would leave a few calories out.

For those of you what are going with the 0 carb diet with me there is no right ratio. we are all individuals and what works for me not necessarily will work for you. Just have to play around until you hit the right ratio. I do not count calories, I go by how I feel. so if i am tired or slowing down, have less energy I add some extra fats to my diet that day. I am full of energy but my weight went up or am feeling very full all the time I am eating too much and will drop some fats.

Veggies are my vitamins and minerals I do not do a multi vitamin. I use veggie powder and I juice veggies and I eat a ton of raw veggies per day. I only eat the dark red, green and purple veggies.

This is just my view on this topic, I have done it many times this way and the diet has worked for me very well. So if you have different views on the topic it does not mean that my way is wrong, it means that my way works for me and might works for some of you or it might not. Hope your reading this Adam Das!



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